Technothriller, trilogy

Book 1, Sojourn of Souls
#1 in its category for 3 weeks on
Book 2, Death, Domination, Destruction


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Novel, Serialized
Teleplay - Series
It's "The Twilight Zone" meets The Bible as a charismatic priest, a college co-ed and a baseball star become reluctant warriors in a battle against spiritual warfare in the present-day world.

Humorous Short Story Anthology
(In Development)


Historical Biography, 2009
America's greatest civil rights crusader of the 19th century is brought to life in this epic adventure-drama

Suspense, 2015
(First Draft)
On the eve of the Higgins-Carlisi wedding in the Hudson Valley, a prison escapee introduces himself as a long-lost cousin to evade authorities.

Romantic Comedy, 2000
(Available for Option)
A young public relations executive in New York City learns that his incredibly bad luck is the result of a generations-old curse by Irish witches. In order to win the hand of the woman he loves, he must eradicate the curse.

Comedy, 2015
(Available for Option Spring Training of '16)
A patchwork band of desperate drifters take jobs working concessions at a major league ballpark and find themselves in a tumultuous battle to save their jobs and reputations after a mysterious vandal threatens the beloved hot dog trade at the stadium.

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Kerry Gleason is a screenwriter, author, branding expert, entrepreneur and inventor.

Gleason's screenplay, DOUGLASS: The North Star, has won awards and accolades as a powerful and inspirational biopic about the life of Frederick Douglass, the U.S.' leading 19th century civil rights leader and abolitionist.

Following a successful run in public relations, Gleason moved to Colorado in 2010 to pursue his true passion -- writing. He published his first novel, HEAVEN RIDE, in July 2014. Co-authored with longtime PR colleague John Eccleston, Heaven Ride became the world's #1 new technothriller for three weeks that summer.

A past Director for the Colorado Film and Video Association, he continues to support Denver-area film productions and participants. He is co-inventor with Craig Moody for Colorado Stud™ , a patent-pending casino table game, and a proprietary pizza industry innovation.

Also a highly decorated journalist and PR strategist, Gleason earned his bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at St. Bonaventure University. His novel, ANGELS & ENEMIES, will be published in 2016.

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"Our accomplishments are limited only by the boundaries we set in our minds."

~ Kerry Gleason


Heaven Ride, North Star: The Life of Frederick Douglass, Angels & Enemies and other titles are copyrighted by Inspiration Point Productions and Kerry Gleason.

Colorado Stud is copyrighted and protected by trademark (Patent Pending).


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Heaven Ride
Book 1, Sojourn of Souls
(2014, 354 pp.)

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The Life of Frederick Douglass

KG headshot Kerry Gleason is available for screenplay "fixes" and rewrites, advertising copywriting and TV spot direction, press releases, white papers and other commissioned work.
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