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A chilling paranormal horror story featuring an unlikely trio of exorcists trying to prevent an onslaught of demons, led by Fr. Francis Vindicare, a priest with a past.

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The Life of Frederick Douglass


Kerry Gleason is a prize-winning investigative journalist, sportswriter, public relations professional and screenwriter. His screenplay, NORTH STAR: THE LIFE OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS, won honors as Best Screenplay at the 2009 Buffalo Niagara Film Festival and is currently being produced as a feature-length film. Three other screenplays are in development. He co-authored the novel HEAVEN RIDE, a techno-thriller, which climbed to the top of the lists in 2014. A handful of his humorous short fiction pieces have also been bestsellers on

Since 2010, he has set his sights on creative endeavors in film, novels and humorous essays. His travel blogs while crossing the country with The Frog Angel captured the imagination and funny bones of an international audience. In his spare time, Gleason is an inventor, designs polished concrete furniture and is a master gardener. He authors a blog, The Atomic Kitchen, about the science of cooking, and another, An Adventure a Day.

About his award-winning screenplay, North Star: The Life of Frederick Douglass, he says "This is a story that deserves to be told," he said. "Few human beings have led a more inspirational life than Frederick Douglass."

His newest novel, Warriors at the Gate, is a series of chilling paramormal suspense tales about spiritual warfare on battlefield Earth, where the Bible collides with the Twilight Zone. The fate of humanity rests on the shoulders of a flawed priest, a pro athlete and a college co-ed. This unlikely trio of exorcists take on powerful demons which threaten to plunge the world into darkness. Click on the Literary link for more details about this and other books and short stories by Kerry Gleason.

In addition to the Frederick Douglass script, he has written a romantic comedy, The Feeney Luck. A script nearing completion, The Big House, is a suspense thriller. You won't believe the ending, where the bad guy comes in and...

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Kerry T. Gleason

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Heaven Ride
Book 1, Sojourn of Souls
(2014, 354 pp.)

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